Hunting Legends

3rd Place YA Contemporary Fantasy ~ Storymakers First Chapter Contest 2017
1st Place YA Contemporary Fantasy / Sci-Fi / Dystopia ~ ANWA Beginning of Book Contest 2018
YA4YA Mentee (Mentored by Shanna Hughes)


No one survives looking Azrielle Grave in the eye. The sixteen-year-old heart-stopping assassin is a unique monster hybrid able to shift between cockatrice and human form. With the supernatural world on the verge of extinction, she goes undercover in war-torn New York to infiltrate and sabotage an elite squad of teenage monster hunters. If discovered, she’s dead.

Seventeen-year-old Raid Ameen knows firsthand that winning the war against monsters didn’t make mankind safe. A weapons expert and captain of his school’s monster hunting squad, he is a master at stalking the things that go bump in the night. Under orders, he already has his hands full keeping one secret from his squad, not to mention hiding his own dark past, but then the new girl arrives and complicates everything. Distracted from his trigger-happy-life, he has no idea he’s falling hard for the girl of his nightmares.

Azrielle’s directive is to stop the rising body count—not flirt with the enemy. But when she uses the captain’s attraction to her against him, it backfires as she realizes her feelings for him aren’t pretend. It not only puts her cover in jeopardy but also her objective. If she fails to finish her task, she’ll be marked a traitor to her kind, a crime punishable by execution. Unless Raid figures out her secret first, then he’ll be the one hunting her down. Azrielle must complete her mission before everything falls apart and leave no evidence or witnesses behind, even if putting a bullet in the captain’s heart shatters her own.

A militarized “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” with monster spies, HUNTING LEGENDS is a 91,000 word YA urban fantasy told from dual perspectives with series potential that will appeal to fans of This Savage Song by Victoria Schwab and Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead.

First Five Pages